Friday, May 30, 2008

Update: Craigslist and Selling your car = fast and easy

I am selling my car today. :[ My car that has been with me for 5 years now. It's sad really. It's seen college campuses. Impressed countless dates [maybe?] and has probably helped me get out of a few Police pull overs. That and the out of state plates. I need the money though. I can't afford this car anymore on my current income. I need a nice Honda Accord or something small, cheap and fuel efficient. Gas is outrageous right now, especially for my car. Almost $4.50 here in NY!

I currently drive a 1999 Mercedes Benz ML320. It's black and has some cool features like a crash bar in the front, a sun roof (pretty standard I know), heated leather seats and a Bose sound system. I love it. Plus I think it makes me feel above par and gives me a social status that a Honda doesn't. Nothing against a Honda, I just think that a Mercedes has that unspoken perception that the person driving it must be in a decent position. Which leads me to another reason why I want to sell it. I just can't fake it anymore!! Hahaha. I mean, I only fill it up enough to get to the places I'm going to! Isn't that terrible? Hahaha.

I put it on Craiglist Wednesday evening and I'm selling it today. Crazy right? I made a rather desperate plea. "DISTRESSED SALE! MUST SELL NOW!" I think that may have had an effect on the amount of calls I received. A lady who may not be in any better place than me financially REALLY, REALLY wants it. She called me about 8 times, and called incessantly back to back if I didn't answer. So her husband is bringing cash since I'm not asking too much, under $10K, and they will have it for me today. So, it's bye bye to status and hello to economic chic. I'm actually a bit relieved. I may not have a car for a few weeks but I'll have the self-respect that comes from not keeping a car I can't afford!

UPDATE: Sold the car. I was expecting an older gentleman, he said he as married and owns a mechanic shop. His hair looked like Hurley's from lost, actually his whole face kind of did, he was wearing cargo shorts and a navy blue Adidas soccer shirt and Velcro strap sandals. He looked like... a hoodlum. Like a hippy/rock n roll/thug hoodlum. What's worse is he was never planning on giving me the asking price. He came $500 shy, was dropped off by a friend so he was "stuck" and then kept saying how I need to be somewhere by 5pm!! Trying to work on that human compassion thing I guess. Like, "ahh man, I can't get you the money cause the banks closed. How'my s'posed to get home!" He lives on Staten Island we were on the South Shore of Long Island near Bellmore, Not happening! He didn't inspect the car, he didn't even want me to have it washed! I was very suspicious of this guy. He wrote out a letter of intent about mailing the rest of the cash via check. I'm only half expecting to see that. We'll see. Wish me luck.


Emma Jayne said...

oooh nooo :( the oil prices are so high here too, we have had protests in london. So sad to loose such a lovely car :(


Alice said...

Very nice. I'm afraid I'm with my car unto the death. She's going on 12 yrs old and still going strong. But gas prices aside, I've been drooling over the new Toyota FJ Cruiser. Have fun buying new wheels.

Angela said...

Ooh, congrats on getting the car sold so fast. Craigslist can work wonders for that. And good luck with finding a new, fuel-efficient car. There are plenty of options.

Miss Em said...

Ha ha totally agree with the status thing. I actually used to work for a Mercedes-Benz dealership, and we had a customer who drove this big heavy bad-ass E-Class saloon - even though it inflamed the arthritis in her shoulders. She just wouldn't be seen driving anything else. She was so short she had to sit on a yellow-pages to see over the steering wheel. Kinda sad.

JerseySjov said...

i quite honestly prefer when a guy has a beat car with personality over a guy with some shiny hard-candy toy.
i myself drive a '94 geo spectra, matte white paint, tan upholstery, manual locks/windows, no tape deck...and i love it.

Marianne said...

Wow, that was fast, bravo Craigslist. Hope the handover goes well and you're not feeling to bereft! M

thisdayandage said...

1) gas is so unbelievably expensive. I'm from conn. and it's over $4.25 here. ridiculous.
2) congrats on selling your car and hooray for craigslist.
3) I saw your earlier post, and I LOVE lost. love love love. I missed the last hour of the season finale so I'm gonna have to get on that soon. craziness always. great show.
4) don't apologize for your long comment--I appreciate it a lot.
5) thanks for stopping by.
6) please come back soon :)
7) I will be back here more. kbye.

L.C.T. said...

I HAVE to point out here (truly, I feel compelled to) that the price of petrol (the real English word for gas ;-) ) in London is currently around £5 per gallon. Yes, that is about $10 PER GALLON!! Crazy prices.

*DesignerGirl24* said...

I drive a 2008 Corolla S. Status symbol it is not, but it gets great gas mileage, which I need here in the vast expanse that is Houston. It's black and has dark tinted windows- that was my way of making it look fancier. I'm pretty sure I'm not fooling a soul...

Sean C said...

candace: Yeah, sketchy it is. And sketchy said buyer was. Waiting on my check for the "remaining balance". Grrrr.

emma jayne:Yeah the car was great, it's just a little overkill for me right now. Especially with the economy the way it is. Gas(petrol where you are right?) is unbelievable!

alice: Thanks, I wouldn't mind having a trusty car with good fuel efficiency for 12 years. I'm done with the status quo thing. It's just plain stupidity. I have the guidos of Long Island to thank for that revelation.

Angela: Thanks a Mill. Yeah, I'm probably going to buy a Honda or a Toyota for around $3-5K. Then no more car problems for years to come.

miss em: Why is that with these people? Again, I'm glad I moved to NY, it has taught me a lot in terms of foolish excessive indulgence.

jerseyjov:Interesting, I'll take that as sound advice from the sage of NJ. :)I just need a beat down car. Fortunately I already have loads of personality. Boatloads. I should auction some on ebay... kidding, I don't use ebay.

marianne: no bereavement here. In fact I'm happy with it. The handover was almost fine, except he tried to swindle me out of close to $500. Creep.

thisdayandage: Yeah someone else who loves LOST! Yay! Yeah I had a lot to say. Gas is ludicrous (I almost spelled that like the rap star). I'm glad I don't have a car right now! I'll be back! :)

l.c.t.: $10!!! WHAT!!! I'll take the metro when I go.

: A Toyota Corolla is a great car. In fact, black with tinted windows sounds pimp. That's about what I want. Sleek and cool looking, but doesn't say I'm wealthy/I'm in debt.

Sean C said...

designergirl24: ^^^^^ oops I forgot to add your handle.