Friday, May 30, 2008

Update: Craigslist and Selling your car = fast and easy

I am selling my car today. :[ My car that has been with me for 5 years now. It's sad really. It's seen college campuses. Impressed countless dates [maybe?] and has probably helped me get out of a few Police pull overs. That and the out of state plates. I need the money though. I can't afford this car anymore on my current income. I need a nice Honda Accord or something small, cheap and fuel efficient. Gas is outrageous right now, especially for my car. Almost $4.50 here in NY!

I currently drive a 1999 Mercedes Benz ML320. It's black and has some cool features like a crash bar in the front, a sun roof (pretty standard I know), heated leather seats and a Bose sound system. I love it. Plus I think it makes me feel above par and gives me a social status that a Honda doesn't. Nothing against a Honda, I just think that a Mercedes has that unspoken perception that the person driving it must be in a decent position. Which leads me to another reason why I want to sell it. I just can't fake it anymore!! Hahaha. I mean, I only fill it up enough to get to the places I'm going to! Isn't that terrible? Hahaha.

I put it on Craiglist Wednesday evening and I'm selling it today. Crazy right? I made a rather desperate plea. "DISTRESSED SALE! MUST SELL NOW!" I think that may have had an effect on the amount of calls I received. A lady who may not be in any better place than me financially REALLY, REALLY wants it. She called me about 8 times, and called incessantly back to back if I didn't answer. So her husband is bringing cash since I'm not asking too much, under $10K, and they will have it for me today. So, it's bye bye to status and hello to economic chic. I'm actually a bit relieved. I may not have a car for a few weeks but I'll have the self-respect that comes from not keeping a car I can't afford!

UPDATE: Sold the car. I was expecting an older gentleman, he said he as married and owns a mechanic shop. His hair looked like Hurley's from lost, actually his whole face kind of did, he was wearing cargo shorts and a navy blue Adidas soccer shirt and Velcro strap sandals. He looked like... a hoodlum. Like a hippy/rock n roll/thug hoodlum. What's worse is he was never planning on giving me the asking price. He came $500 shy, was dropped off by a friend so he was "stuck" and then kept saying how I need to be somewhere by 5pm!! Trying to work on that human compassion thing I guess. Like, "ahh man, I can't get you the money cause the banks closed. How'my s'posed to get home!" He lives on Staten Island we were on the South Shore of Long Island near Bellmore, Not happening! He didn't inspect the car, he didn't even want me to have it washed! I was very suspicious of this guy. He wrote out a letter of intent about mailing the rest of the cash via check. I'm only half expecting to see that. We'll see. Wish me luck.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Previously on LOST... [season finale tonight!]

I have explained to you my love affair with Lost on ABC right? I HAVEN'T?! Well allow me to proceed. I have been watching Lost since it's second season trying desperately to never miss an episode. I only started watching it after my colleagues would not let me go a week with out saying, "did you watch Lost yet? "Did you watch Lost yet?" "Did you...?" "Did you...?" "Did you...?" Well, finally my friend Eric put the first season in my hand. He said, "watch the first 4 episodes, if you don't like it bring it back to me." I thought to myself, "that's a fair enough assignment." Well I waited until that weekend and, I am pleased to say, it was EPIC. J.J. Abrams had created pure episodic gold. The best show on Television period, well Arrested Development isn't on T.V. anymore so that doesn't count. I watched nearly all 24 episodes in one sitting. At least a full 9 hours straight. I had been bitten by the bug that is Lost-ism. I couldn't WAIT for the the second season. I have been watching faithfully ever since. I love all the characters but especially Jack. I do like Ben even though he is the ominous menace in this show. I do think we have more to learn about Ben and that there is more to this "bad guy" thing but that is yet to be revealed. Anyway, I want Kate and Jack to stay together, I want Charlie to still be alive, I want Claire to be okay, I want Sawyer to find his way and Desmond, as much as I like him, he's too much of a loose cannon right now and probably needs to be offed. I want Jin, Sayed and Locke to live and I want to know who is in the CASKET!

Anyway, that's my Lost rant. I love this show and if you haven't watched it. You don't know what you're missing until you watched the first 4 episodes. You'll know if you love it or not by then.

UPDATE: SOOOO all this noise about I can't wait to see it and my stupid DVR didn't work!!! GAHHH I missed 2 hours!! So now I have to catch it on Oh well I didn't miss it, miss it.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial day: drinking, food and... boobs?

So, yesterday was Memorial Day and frankly one of the most memorable Memorial Days for me in a long time, if not ever. I drove out to my friends house in Yonkers. Her parents are gone and they let her have the whole of the house for this First Day of Summer sha-bang. I arrived at about 4:30pm and most of the people had already been there for a little while. Food had already been served once but you know how these things go, as as soon as I get there they fired the grill back up and threw on some Nathans dogs, some hamburgers, steak shish-kabobs (Americanized ones), and some NY Strip. MMmmmm. I can still taste all of the deliciousness.

My friend, the host of the party, she throws parties like no one I know. Well besides maybe P. Diddy. I mean, she is the type of girl who really has a cosmopolitan palate. She loves and studies the finer things in life. She probably gets it from her father. He's a fantastic painter and their house itself is a work of art. Anyway, very classy sophisticated tastes. I admire that because I share those same tastes. So when [hostess] throws a party she really knows how to do it.

There was ice tea, but not just any ice tea, no, some really good tea leaves brewed and then real fruit was cut up and marinated in the tea. Fruit like lime, blueberries, real cherries, and I think there were grapes and some other fruit in there. No sugar needed, it was perfect and very refreshing. Then she has a fruit bowl, not just run of the mill, pounds of fresh picked blueberries, big and bursting with juice blackberries, cherries, fresh cut pineapples chunks, and more. It was delicious. That was just the sides! The meat was all good meat, no cheap stuff there either. Shish Kabobs were handmade.

It was steak with fresh cut pineapple, onions, red and yellow peppers and skewered. On that were thrown fresh ground salt and pepper. Delicious. We ate through out the day and night. Oh, there was another girl there who has apparently mastered the NY Strip steak. The best and juiciest NY strip steak I have ever tried. I may have issues eating at steak houses now. She did this thing where she heated up some vegetable oil, ground fresh pepper and salt on it and when the oil was just beginning to smoke she placed the steak on. It seared the juices in while giving it that nice brown outside. Very tender and juicy. It literally melted in my mouth. *does a Homer Simpson drool* Now I'm hungry. Anyway, moving on, we spent some time in the game room. There was music, a short burst of dancing entertainment (courtesy of me :), a lot of pool [which I suck at but got better with more drinks], more eating drinking and music video watching.

At dusk we went back outside, fired up the grill again ate more delicious food. We lit up the citronella candles which didn't do much in the way of keeping mosquitoes and spiders away so we [most of us] changed into our swimsuits for a dip in the 104 degree hot tub. That was reallly nice. I only stuck my feet in but even that was great. It was a full tub!

We crack open a few bottles of wine and only one thing is missing at this point. Cigars. Not to worry I had some on hand. Delicious Backwoods - the red package. They went fast. They are really tasty.

So the night was about at its apex. We kept drinking, exchanging stories and good conversation. Grabbed another pack of cigars and most of us decided to get out of the tub. A couple of girls stayed in. The hostess and I conspired to take some shots. Admittedly that may not have been the best idea, but it seemed great at the time.

I grabbed whatever I could as mixers, grabbed the Skyy and some Disarrano and mixed them. It was delicious. Well a couple of drinks in and the girls [that were still in the tub] decided it was time to lose the tops of their suits. Not a good idea, well, that's a great idea, but they were both GF's of two of the guys there, one of which is a really good friend. So it wasn't like anonymous random girls boobs, they were friends - at least the one was. So anyway, my buddy [Hostesses BF] got really upset and it kind of flattened the mood. However, I do get it. I wouldn't be too happy if my girl flipped her top off amidst several random guys. So, the tops went back on. This is not normal behavior of my friend either. A very conservative and classy gal. She had just had way too much to drink. We cleaned up the backyard. Grilled some last minute burgers and most everyone left following that. The remainder of us made our way down to the game room again and played one more game of pool before I too headed home. It was a great night. Lots of fun. And this is just the first day of summer.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

UPDATE: Willy Wonka, Gene Wilder and My French Whore

Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory is on right now. It's one of my all time favorites even though the writer of the book seems to have much disdain for this particular film. He feels like it is a bastardized retelling of his story. I disagree on the basis that if Tim Burton's Chocolate Factory is supposed to be the better book-to-film adaption of the story, I 1) simply did not see that much difference and 2) did not like it nearly as much.

Plus the first film is a part of my childhood and as such I can recite all of the songs and best lines of the movie. I can't really remember anything from TB's adaption. Other than Johnny Depp did a smashing job as a creepy character - as always.

As for Gene Wilder's portrayal of Willy Wonka, I am of the opinion that any character he plays is done to the finest ability that it can be played. He is the studious type who will research and immerse himself into the role until he becomes it. I realize that many actors do that, but not many do it to the extent that he does. Plus, I really enjoy his characterizations, they seem to be lasting and memorable. Young Frankenstein is one of my all time favorites of his, in fact it's one of his very own favorites as well, and it is one I can most likely recite from beginning to end.

He most recently has taken up writing as, well not a career move but a past time and hobby. Gene Wilder the man is a fascinating character. He is a master fencer, a very skilled dancer and a little bit of an artist. There isn't anything that he doesn't do very well. He's just that type of individual. As for his writing, I own 2 of his most recent novellas My French Whore and The Woman Who Wouldn't. I actually had the pleasure of meeting Gene Wilder at a recent signing for the latter book. Many would say things to him as they approached him to get their book signed but he remained quiet and just looked at them with his deep blue eyes and gave no more than an appreciative gaze and a grin as a response. As for myself, I was so excited [as you can see in my picture below] that I pointed at him rather forwardly and practically yelled, "You're a brilliant man, I love your work!" It's funny thinking back, as I pointed he was wide eyed with anticipation, he seemed poised for me to either animatedly recite a movie line of his or to just scream flamboyant praise at him. He followed that up with a quick and sincere, "Thank you, thank you very much." To this day I am still proud of that small rejoinder because no one else ahead of me or before me [that I could see] was getting as much.

My roommates need a blog.

My roommates think that blogging is as big of a decision as getting married apparently. I wanted to prove to them that blogging is a simple extension of everyday life. It's merely a way to log the events surrounding ones day and experiences, right? So, anyway, I'm posting this to show them how easy it was to write about a recent discussion.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Another practice session... I guess I'm dancing again? [because I did lay it down for 3 years]

I just got finished dancing my arse off yesterday. For the most part I wasn't feeling it. I am trying to move away from "popping", or "pop-locking" as some people call it, exclusively and moving more into "hip hop". It's hard to define hip hop because there aren't a lot of defined moves that are called "hip hop moves". There are dances that are popular in hip hop videos and in clubs but that's different. I mean the lawnmower was a popular hip hop move at one time but would not look good now. So hip hop really boils down to the interpretation of the hip hop teacher. Anyway, with that said, my video has less popping than just out right hip hop. I also do quite a bit of "boogaloo style" which was my sort of "gateway drug" into hip hop. I used a lot of "quotations" in this post. So without further ado, here is my clip. Let me know what you think. Oh, it lost a lot of quality from my CPU to YouTube so sorry its fuzzy.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

American Idol... and David wins!

Cook that is. I haven't watched American Idol much this season, I really don't watch it all that much period. I think that the David Archuleta guy should have won though. For one he's a better looking kid than DC and I think he may have a better vocal range. It's of my opinion that looks take the artist further [i.e. Carrie Underwood, Chris Daughtry]. As for singing ability, in that last song DC did he pretty much nailed it. I'm curious though didn't Cook lose all three songs last night? I really thought he was going to lose. I'd be interested to see what genre of music he lands in. Anyway, congrats to the A.I. Winner David Cook.

I think I have a 24 hour bug...

Very sick today. I had to reschedule an appointment with a new client because of it. I'm sure that's not very impressive or professional but I really do feel like crap. My head hurts, the dull, dry kind of throbbing pain, my stomach hurts in such a way that I have to remain hunched over because standing straight does not feel right, and I am sore and sensitive all over my body, complete with achy bones. I haven't really eaten in 2 days as a result, which is probably a part of my problem. Here's to hoping I get better by tomorrow since I rescheduled with my client for 10am cst.

UPDATE: Feeling much better, Like I said it must have been a 24 bug. Thank God because I was miserable.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hip Hop dancing and Me.

I was introduced to dance as a kid, like most that grew up in the 80's, when I saw Michael Jackson on TV. And I remember wanting to be an awesome dancer like that. I didn't really take an interest until I was about 17 and realized that I had a lot of natural rhythm for a 1/2 Filipino, 1/2 white boy. I started watching Michael Jackson videos, hip hop videos, and even the Breakin' movie to teach myself dance moves. I have a very talented friend who did much of the same with the addition that he is a sheer dance prodigy so I learned from him as well. He's one of the most talented choreographers ever BTW. I then took some formal lessons and some workshops in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Tulsa and Kansas City. All hip hop, although I have taken an introduction to tap and an introduction to jazz class. Both are awesome, and I would love to seek out more classes but alas time is my problem. :(

I think I used to be much better but I took a break for about 4 years, at the height of my technical learning, and have lost quite a bit. Here's a YouTube clip of me dancing about 4 weeks ago. It was one of my first practices in 3 years. They are from 3 or 4 different sessions cut together

It's a little embarrassing since I realize I suck... but it will make me want to try harder by putting it out on the internets.

update: just watched it... pretty stinky. I should probably stop trying.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Why is it so hard to get an advertising job in NEW YORK!?

I have been living here in NY for almost a year. I came on a whim with the promise that the mortgage industry would take me from my comfortable salary and double or triple that. Boy was I wrong, and there is something decidedly wrong about those mortgage "chop shops". The lies that were being told to people in order to "close the loan". The mortgage industry was fat and bloated with broods of snakes and vipers. Hunkering over their "leads" like disgusting pigs over their slop troughs. Ughh, disgusting. I thank God in Heaven I am as far away from those vile people as I can be. Which brings me to my point. I'm consistently jobless out here in NY. I have only been able to find temporary gigs, very temporary. This most recent place is very, very unfulfilling. I don't usually say that either, I was at my last job for almost 6 years. You see, I am a very creative person with an extensive background in advertising and marketing. Here I simply scout for new clients by way of sales calls. I would love to have a job as a creative director at a mid-sized firm. A project manager, or even an account executive manager would be great. No more business development for me, I'm tired of the sales calls for the ad industry. I'm considering leaving the ad industry altogether and going the route of film production. I've always had an interest incubating inside of me and since my roommate has joined a film mentorship program it has made me all the more excited about the prospect. I could leave for California in a heart beat to pursue it, but alas money is my problem. So I will stay in the ad industry as that is what helps me pay my bills. The economy is too fickle for me to change careers now. With that said, I have my resume out to probably 8 head hunters and no one can help me land a quality gig. Qualified? Oh I'm qualified, up to my ying yang, but I believe that's the issue. No one wants to pay a qualified ying yang.

UPDATE: I just got off the phone with a head hunter, she had a crappy Verizon job that was in JERSEY. I would have been willing to relocate but chances are that I would have to interview in Jersey which is just a pain. I don't have a lot of consumer branding experience, mostly corporate branding, so it would have been a stretch. IS THERE NO JOB OUT THERE FOR A PERSON WHO IS PASSIONATE ABOUT ADVERTISING AND BRAND MANAGEMENT?

Why I like Obama, but won't vote for him.

I like Obama. He really is a charming fellow. That's saying a lot considering I have never met the guy or read anything he has written and I am decidedly on the Republican side of the vote. He seems to have this almost dazzling effect on me. It's no wonder he's been the media darling. I've tried to figure it out, what do we like about him? It's almost conniving the way I am lured by his smile and candor. He's confident but not smug. He's young, good looking and cool enough that you wish he was your teacher, professor, boss, dad or even friend. His charisma, much akin to J. F. Kennedy's, has given him the ability to draw larger crowds for an election run than has been seen in recent US history. He seems to have all the qualities one would want in a leader: strength, courage, self-confidence, vision and determination. And yes, he does seem to exude this sense of... this atmosphere of "hope". However, it seems as though just as I begin to be lulled to sleep by his sweet song of hope, his scintillating discourse of a world with out problems I suddenly "snap-to", like someone has just flushed the toilet while I was showering in Obama's rhetoric. Thoughts of uncertainty flood my mind and I begin to feel vulnerable and even scared for our future as a country. What about the issues he has been skating around? His Muslim background (our greatest enemy is a radically violent albeit jilted muslim), his true perception of this "White America" (I can only imagine what J.Wright, his one time mentor for 20 years with whom he grew up spiritually, has suggested. White is bad? America is white and so America is bad? Black people are handed the shorter stick from the white man? White Americans owe the Black Americans something? I wouldn't want any of that divisive sentiment boiling in the mind of our Country's leader) and his plan of attack and defense against our enemies (Is he really thinking that sitting down with our enemies is a good idea? Why?). The truth is, I don't feel like Obama has satisfied these issues, these elephants you might say, that have been congregating in my mind. Sure you can point me to transcripts and You Tube videos and show me when, where and how he "addressed" these items but in all of those videos and speeches he seems to methodically and effortlessly skirt around the questions and issues so smoothly that one never notices he craftily avoided them. By the end of his dissertation you feel harmonious inside. You want to hug your dog, call your mother and contact all the people you've had differences with and and apologize. Meanwhile, back on planet earth, back in the USA, the leading democratic candidate has never answered the questions he was posed. Never directly disarmed the proverbial ticking time bomb that is issues counting down in the back of our minds. For some reason we seem to be comfortably asleep with the notion that he, Barack Obama, is at the wheel and will get us where we want to be safely.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Where were you on 9/11?... and Zeiting the Geist.

This is currently my header pic... it's me reading the names on the memorial plaques at the ground zero site. As sad and tragic as it to think of all who lost their lives on that fateful day, it saddens me all the more when conspirators or "Truthers" refuse to accept the fact that the acts of a single diabolical man, hell bent on destroying all opposed to his cause, was the sole reason behind 9/11. Come on you think GW did that? Sure he's a great orator and all and quite the political pundit but a diabolical scheme of 9/11 proportions? Really? George W? In any event 9/11 was a scary time for this country. Everyone knows exactly what they were doing on that day when they heard the news. What were you doing?

Who am I?

I used to think, at one time, that I was the brightest star in the sky. Psssh, seems like an all too distant memory now. I'm just nearing 30 and I have gone through some of the most trying times in my life in the last 4 years. I'm certain this only begets harder times so there is no rest in sight. The future? It's currently on hold while I'm busy cleaning up the mess of my past. What's my past look like? Oh, stay tuned to my blog, maybe you'll learn about it in bits and pieces. I've always wanted a reason to write about my life [I guess I'm disillusioned enough to think people will actually find it interesting] and this blog will be my outlet.