Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial day: drinking, food and... boobs?

So, yesterday was Memorial Day and frankly one of the most memorable Memorial Days for me in a long time, if not ever. I drove out to my friends house in Yonkers. Her parents are gone and they let her have the whole of the house for this First Day of Summer sha-bang. I arrived at about 4:30pm and most of the people had already been there for a little while. Food had already been served once but you know how these things go, as as soon as I get there they fired the grill back up and threw on some Nathans dogs, some hamburgers, steak shish-kabobs (Americanized ones), and some NY Strip. MMmmmm. I can still taste all of the deliciousness.

My friend, the host of the party, she throws parties like no one I know. Well besides maybe P. Diddy. I mean, she is the type of girl who really has a cosmopolitan palate. She loves and studies the finer things in life. She probably gets it from her father. He's a fantastic painter and their house itself is a work of art. Anyway, very classy sophisticated tastes. I admire that because I share those same tastes. So when [hostess] throws a party she really knows how to do it.

There was ice tea, but not just any ice tea, no, some really good tea leaves brewed and then real fruit was cut up and marinated in the tea. Fruit like lime, blueberries, real cherries, and I think there were grapes and some other fruit in there. No sugar needed, it was perfect and very refreshing. Then she has a fruit bowl, not just run of the mill, pounds of fresh picked blueberries, big and bursting with juice blackberries, cherries, fresh cut pineapples chunks, and more. It was delicious. That was just the sides! The meat was all good meat, no cheap stuff there either. Shish Kabobs were handmade.

It was steak with fresh cut pineapple, onions, red and yellow peppers and skewered. On that were thrown fresh ground salt and pepper. Delicious. We ate through out the day and night. Oh, there was another girl there who has apparently mastered the NY Strip steak. The best and juiciest NY strip steak I have ever tried. I may have issues eating at steak houses now. She did this thing where she heated up some vegetable oil, ground fresh pepper and salt on it and when the oil was just beginning to smoke she placed the steak on. It seared the juices in while giving it that nice brown outside. Very tender and juicy. It literally melted in my mouth. *does a Homer Simpson drool* Now I'm hungry. Anyway, moving on, we spent some time in the game room. There was music, a short burst of dancing entertainment (courtesy of me :), a lot of pool [which I suck at but got better with more drinks], more eating drinking and music video watching.

At dusk we went back outside, fired up the grill again ate more delicious food. We lit up the citronella candles which didn't do much in the way of keeping mosquitoes and spiders away so we [most of us] changed into our swimsuits for a dip in the 104 degree hot tub. That was reallly nice. I only stuck my feet in but even that was great. It was a full tub!

We crack open a few bottles of wine and only one thing is missing at this point. Cigars. Not to worry I had some on hand. Delicious Backwoods - the red package. They went fast. They are really tasty.

So the night was about at its apex. We kept drinking, exchanging stories and good conversation. Grabbed another pack of cigars and most of us decided to get out of the tub. A couple of girls stayed in. The hostess and I conspired to take some shots. Admittedly that may not have been the best idea, but it seemed great at the time.

I grabbed whatever I could as mixers, grabbed the Skyy and some Disarrano and mixed them. It was delicious. Well a couple of drinks in and the girls [that were still in the tub] decided it was time to lose the tops of their suits. Not a good idea, well, that's a great idea, but they were both GF's of two of the guys there, one of which is a really good friend. So it wasn't like anonymous random girls boobs, they were friends - at least the one was. So anyway, my buddy [Hostesses BF] got really upset and it kind of flattened the mood. However, I do get it. I wouldn't be too happy if my girl flipped her top off amidst several random guys. So, the tops went back on. This is not normal behavior of my friend either. A very conservative and classy gal. She had just had way too much to drink. We cleaned up the backyard. Grilled some last minute burgers and most everyone left following that. The remainder of us made our way down to the game room again and played one more game of pool before I too headed home. It was a great night. Lots of fun. And this is just the first day of summer.


Angela said...

That does sound like a pretty darn good Memorial Day. Low-key and full of friends.

And steak shish-kebobs from the grill? My favorite.

Emma Jayne said...

Ahhh sounds like a fab day, can you send some of that weater to the UK please? :o) x

Angela said...

No idea why my comments won't work for you! Haloscan goes out sometimes, so that might be why!

*DesignerGirl24* said...

Thanks for the heads up on the typo. Atrocious! ;)

*DesignerGirl24* said...

Oh, PS, I do toss and turn at night a lot, even when I'm not feeling restless. I have really vivid dreams too, usually about whatever I've been thinking about during the day. Sometimes even about an insignificant thing that happened during the day. My brain and I have a bit of a love-hate relationship :)