Monday, May 19, 2008

Why is it so hard to get an advertising job in NEW YORK!?

I have been living here in NY for almost a year. I came on a whim with the promise that the mortgage industry would take me from my comfortable salary and double or triple that. Boy was I wrong, and there is something decidedly wrong about those mortgage "chop shops". The lies that were being told to people in order to "close the loan". The mortgage industry was fat and bloated with broods of snakes and vipers. Hunkering over their "leads" like disgusting pigs over their slop troughs. Ughh, disgusting. I thank God in Heaven I am as far away from those vile people as I can be. Which brings me to my point. I'm consistently jobless out here in NY. I have only been able to find temporary gigs, very temporary. This most recent place is very, very unfulfilling. I don't usually say that either, I was at my last job for almost 6 years. You see, I am a very creative person with an extensive background in advertising and marketing. Here I simply scout for new clients by way of sales calls. I would love to have a job as a creative director at a mid-sized firm. A project manager, or even an account executive manager would be great. No more business development for me, I'm tired of the sales calls for the ad industry. I'm considering leaving the ad industry altogether and going the route of film production. I've always had an interest incubating inside of me and since my roommate has joined a film mentorship program it has made me all the more excited about the prospect. I could leave for California in a heart beat to pursue it, but alas money is my problem. So I will stay in the ad industry as that is what helps me pay my bills. The economy is too fickle for me to change careers now. With that said, I have my resume out to probably 8 head hunters and no one can help me land a quality gig. Qualified? Oh I'm qualified, up to my ying yang, but I believe that's the issue. No one wants to pay a qualified ying yang.

UPDATE: I just got off the phone with a head hunter, she had a crappy Verizon job that was in JERSEY. I would have been willing to relocate but chances are that I would have to interview in Jersey which is just a pain. I don't have a lot of consumer branding experience, mostly corporate branding, so it would have been a stretch. IS THERE NO JOB OUT THERE FOR A PERSON WHO IS PASSIONATE ABOUT ADVERTISING AND BRAND MANAGEMENT?

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