Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hip Hop dancing and Me.

I was introduced to dance as a kid, like most that grew up in the 80's, when I saw Michael Jackson on TV. And I remember wanting to be an awesome dancer like that. I didn't really take an interest until I was about 17 and realized that I had a lot of natural rhythm for a 1/2 Filipino, 1/2 white boy. I started watching Michael Jackson videos, hip hop videos, and even the Breakin' movie to teach myself dance moves. I have a very talented friend who did much of the same with the addition that he is a sheer dance prodigy so I learned from him as well. He's one of the most talented choreographers ever BTW. I then took some formal lessons and some workshops in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Tulsa and Kansas City. All hip hop, although I have taken an introduction to tap and an introduction to jazz class. Both are awesome, and I would love to seek out more classes but alas time is my problem. :(

I think I used to be much better but I took a break for about 4 years, at the height of my technical learning, and have lost quite a bit. Here's a YouTube clip of me dancing about 4 weeks ago. It was one of my first practices in 3 years. They are from 3 or 4 different sessions cut together

It's a little embarrassing since I realize I suck... but it will make me want to try harder by putting it out on the internets.

update: just watched it... pretty stinky. I should probably stop trying.

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