Thursday, June 26, 2008

Playing catch up and 2 of my current favorite songs...

I'm running out of new pictures unfortunately to put on my blog. I haven't taken any recently because I work too darn much to do anything fun. Boo me. I'm going to a friends party this weekend so maybe I'll get some news pics, she's got a new place and wants to celebrate. Maybe I'll get something to write about :) So I am meandering down my blog roll link by bloody link and trying to catch up on all my peeps blogs. If I haven't made it to you yet it's because I love yours the most and I want to save the best for last. Thusly if I've already gotten to you it's because my love is that much greater than had I not. [It's not supposed to make sense its called being diplomatic and playing politics:] Anyway, so in other news I love the following 2 songs and they both remind of good times with friends, dancing, drinking and kanoodling. Wait- I don't have a clue what kanoodling is, let alone if that is the correct spelling. [EDIT: its even funnier in this context when you know what it is]

The songs are:

1st Song - David Guetta - Love is gone
2nd Song - Bob Sinclair - World Hold On (Children of the Sky)

Oh and wait for the basslines to kick in... cause that's when you get ants in yo' pants.

Very stupid video I think but great song to get down to:

Another great song that reminds me of a friend of mine who just loves to dance as much as I do:

Now, forget about your troubles and dance :)


Angela said...

I can definitely say I've never heard either of those songs.

Alice said...

You should get something like Bloglines to keep track of your blogs. Definitely makes it easier.

Who is the second song by?!?

L.C.T. said...

Does the fact that you already got to my blog mean you don't love me that much? Sad face. ;)

Sean C said...

angela: I am perplexed by the lack of detail in that statement. so you like it? :? =]

alice: oooh I'll check that out. Bob Sinclair-World Hold On (Children of the Sky)

l.c.t.: of course not my tall British friend :) quite the contrary in fact!

thisdayandage said...

glad you stopped by, it makes me feel more special than anyone else. although, I imagine others feel that way

never heard of either of those songs, also. oh well.

JK said...


JerseySjov said...

love those songs!!

i tagged you in a meme, btw (:

Emma Jayne said...

Chooonage! David Guetta = Class (fantastic) I really like this track of his but yes, video is kinda pants really.

I was about to say the same as our lil friend LCT but as always she is more on the ball than me and beat me to it.. I'm beginning to think i am getting old and slow :o)hmmm..