Monday, June 30, 2008

Eight Things Meme

OK Jersey, here goes...

Eight things I am passionate about:

  1. Learning. I love to learn. I randomly dip into intriguing subjects and just absorb the information like a kid in a candy store. I don't necessarily have particular subjects that I like more than others, it's just whatever grabs me at the time. When I was a kid I took it upon my self to learn everything I could about planets. Then I moved on to Dinosaurs and had such an extensive knowledge at 5 and 6 that I started a club where I was the president and taught a new Dino everyday. I taught myself how to draw all of the Disney characters at 7. Adults would pay me to draw things for their kids. I've taught myself some basic Japanese (the only thing I know how to say now is "No", which is important if a Japanese girl tries to take it too far :). Now I'm teaching myself Tagalog (a Filipino language) and I'm studying dance again. A few months ago I was learning everything I could about graphic and web design, before that production and the film industry.
  2. Dance. I've been dancing since I was a kid, but nothing serious. When I was 16 I realized I had a natural rhythm and started studying different dancers like Michael Jackson, Fred Astaire, and BBoys. My main style of dance is Hip Hop. I went on a dancing sabbatical for 3 years but am practicing daily again. I used to go to L.A. every year to compete and meet up with other dancers. I plan on taking some jazz and tap classes to freshen up there too. No matter where I am I find myself practicing moves or articulating moves in my head, discreetly of course. And Jersey, like you, I dance in the shower (mental images are go)... always practicing.
  3. Cooking. I love to cook. I'm a natural chef like Ratatouille the Rat or something. With just some of the basic knowledge of cooking that I've garnered from watching cooking shows, something I've done since I was a kid, I have this innate sense of how to season and prepare foods properly and deliciously. I can't imagine what would happen if I actually went to a culinary school. I also love feeding people, so that goes hand in hand with my loving to cook. If I have the chance to I will probably cook something for you. I'm also the rare guy that loves to go grocery shopping... yay me!
  4. Money. I have this insatiable desire to be rich and powerful. Disgusting right? I subscribe to Forbes just to read about these rich and powerful people and hopefully pick up a thing or two. One of my goals is to be on the cover someday, not even joking. There are trillions of dollars out there that exchanges hands daily, both physically and digitally. All I need to do is come up with a product or service that reroutes some of that wealth to my bank account. I once heard that money has a sense. If you are someone who will take care of it and use it wisely it will be attracted to you. If you are the type of person that uses it carelessly it will be repelled by you.
  5. Filipino Martial Arts. Arnis De Mano, Modern Arnis, Eskrima, Kali. I have been studying the Filipino martial arts for about 8 years. I am part Filipino and love that part of my heritage so I took it upon myself to study the ancient fighting styles of the Philippines. We're BAMF too, let me tell you. We once held off an entire Japanese army with bolo's, rattan bastons, espada's y daga's and stifled the Japanese occupation. There were reports of some pinoys getting shot with high caliber rifles and pistols and not even flinching! That's BAMF. Mabuhay!(Live long or Peace)
  6. Books. Until a couple of years ago I would usually have my nose in a science(NOT SCI-FI), business philosophy, economic/money sense, biography or personal development books. I have been reading much more fiction lately. I have tons of books. Probably... over 100. I have not read all these, but I do feel smarter just having them. I love reading and as a kid would spend time in my room reading anything I could get my hands on. As a kid I read the Bible, the dictionary and science books as they were readily available.
  7. Family & Friends. Admittedly I am a terrible friend. I hate that I fail as a friend on so many levels. Sometimes I'm a terrible son too. (My mom and dad might argue that I'm always a terrible son ;) I do love and appreciate the people that are always there for me. JNS, one of the dearest people on earth to me, I'm gonna marry that girl one day. My brother Jonathon, also one of my best buds. VJC is one of my best friends. SH is my boss, my mentor and has taught me more about being the best person I can be than any book I've read or class/seminar/lecture I've ever attended.
  8. Fashion. I was deliberating on whether to put this here. Then I looked at the rest of my list and said, "WTH I'm read like a homo-geek anyway so why not." :) I love looking good. I am usually the best dressed of my friends, and think myself quite sexy. I spend a lot of time ruminating on what I should wear. Even if it's just shorts and a t-shirt, I'll change three times to get the right look. I am not a high end fashion label whore like but I have my brands and I'm loyal to them. Banana Republic is my number one store. Abercrombie is another favorite of mine. I also love J Crew and the Gap. I HATE A|X, Ed Hardy, and those other Guido brands. Yeck! I also get compliments on my hair quite a bit, but I'm never happy with it.

Eight things I want to do before I die:

  1. Visit Asia. Japan (Tokyo, Okinawa, Mt Fuji), China (Shanghai, Hong Kong, The Great Wall), The Philippines (Manila, Quezon, Cebu)
  2. Visit Europe. Um, All of it. Every square mile.
  3. Financial Independence. I really do want to be rich and powerful someday. When I am I will probably be giving money to causes bigger than myself, that's how I want to make a difference.
  4. Make a difference. See 3.
  5. Be completely accepting of the person God made me. I am always wondering what it would be like if I was an apple instead of an orange. Asking myself, "What if I was born into this situation?"or "had taken this direction in life?"... I just want to be the best orange I can be. All sweet and juicy.
  6. Become fairly proficient at Japanese and Tagalog. See 1.
  7. Own several successful businesses. See 3.
  8. Either marry JNS or remain a hot sexy single and rich bachelor all of my life. And maybe be a single father, because kids are great and so are single fathers.
Eight things I say often:

  1. "What up Yo" mainly as a parody of my non-hipness.
  2. "Brrr freaking muda" When I'm cold.
  3. "How much?" I once asked this question in my sleep. Evidently I don't like spending too much money on any one single item.
  4. "I'd like a student/senior citizen/good customer discount for that please *smile*" I really say that to about everyone I purchase from. Usually after they ask, "Can I get you anything else?" I've gotten a discount several times too. "Ask and you shall receive." The best advice I ever got as a kid.
  5. "What scotch's do you have?" I'm a huge huge fan of scotch. Single malts and blends. Johnny walker is my favorite fiscally attainable brand, but I like Balvenie, and Glenrothe's as guilty expensive pleasures. I also enjoy some Irish Whiskey's as well. Bushmills Black is tasty.
  6. "You my little kiki gurls?" I repeat this in rapid succession when doting on my dog, Kiki.
  7. "You come here often?" Just kidding.
  8. Movie quotes and or funny sitcom quotes. Especially Will Farrell. My favorite hit or miss is "Ze gogglez! Ze do nozhing!" because not everyone knows what it's from.

Eight books I’ve read recently:

  1. My French Whore - Gene Wilders Debut Novella
  2. The Woman Who Wouldn't - Gene Wilders follow up Novella
  3. Search Engine Optimization for Dummies
  4. Multiple Streams of Income (I've read this probably once a year since I bought it.)
  5. Sly Moves - Workout book
  6. Modern Arnis: Remy Presas
  7. Harry Potter
  8. Cook Books

Eight Movies I have seen Eight times:

  1. The Karate Kid
  2. Superman 1 (well most of them)
  3. Top Gun
  4. Talladega Nights, Elf and the rest of his films...
  5. Batman Begins
  6. Tommy Boy
  7. Spanglish (This was the only DVD I owned for a while and with no cable to boot)
  8. The Notebook, Titanic, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, The Sweetest Thing... NONE OF THESE BY CHOICE.
  9. Young Frankenstein best movie ever. :)

Eight people who should do this meme:

1. L.C.T.

2. Angela

3. Miss Em

4. Classy Fabulous Filipino

5. Stream of Consciousness

6. And...

7. how about...

8. YOU!


L.C.T. said...

Haha I love the Brr freaking muda!!! Hehe. That actually has me laughing out loud.

I'll try and remember to do this when I can grab some time! Cheers for the tag!

Alice said...

Out of that whole long beautiful post, do you know what I glommed on to?

OMG - I saw 'TOP GUN' about six times at an actual theater and then obsessed about it after that. I think I did a little post on it actually.

thisdayandage said...

tommy boy! everyone says tommy boy and black sheep are the same. they're similar but they are not the same. but both are great. fact.

and traveling every square mile of europe? when you're rich and powerful, I definitely see that happening.

you were right--we did have a lot of the same answers. all of your answers were good :)

classy & fabulous said...

hey, so let's travel to europe whenver you become rich and powerful..and u can pay for me :) will do this later!

JerseySjov said...

christ you've seen the notebook more than once??
also, you can't boast of shower-dance mental images if you've never posted any pics of the bod.

Sean C said...

l.c.t. Haha, I'm glad you find that funny. =) You BETTER DO IT!

alice *hums Top Gun theme song* Yay for you and me LOVING Top Gun. I just watched it again like a week ago. One of the best movies ever. :)

TDAA Nah, they are close and both funny but Tommy Boy has "Fat guy in a little coat" which is the best. As for Europe, I mean maybe not EEEEVerywhere, but definitely the most popular places... which is kind of everywhere. Thanks I'm glad you liked my loooong post.

Maganda Pinay Hecks yeah, just waiting for my money boat to come in. Ya know my lola is really really rich, maybe I'll get some of that one day!

JerseyHey, hey now! haha, I haven't watched it through more than maybe twice. But it's been on the screen in my presence 5 bagillion times. Why do girls like this movie? A romantic Alzheimer patients story?? My main point was to say that girls seem to have these favorite movies and they always watch them whenever they come on...

Angela said...

I'll get to this as soon as Blog Swap day is done!

Sean C said...

jersey all the hot steamy bod pics are located on my website
please check it out and purchase a membership, I'm trying to get through college. :P

angela K Ang, you betta! :D

Miss Em said...

Oi. Not ignoring your meme, just don't know where to start. It's a lot of personal info. I might go for an abridged version. I'm a lady of mystery.

p.s. "marry JNS" ? What/who is this? Do I not have a chance? :(

Marianne said...

The fact you watched Spanglish 8 times is too funny- I really enjoyed reading this, great post!