Monday, July 14, 2008

Official 100 Push Ups Challenge - to all of you...

Who's with me?

I was reading tiedtogetherwithasmile's blog and ran across this post which said she was doing the 100 push up training program. I dug in a little further and found out it was an awesome way to gain muscle/lose weight in 6 weeks. Now it can easily be done by ones self but it's so much more fun to do with others. So who's with me?

We'll begin together, on Monday July 21st and check back with each other each week. Every person starts at their own level. Oh, whats that? Bad shoulder? Bad wrist? Bad face? Bleh bleh bleh. Run through the easy to read pages and it will tell you how to do this with handicaps and still get the same level of results.

Let's do it! It's 3 days a week for six weeks. Come on, it's free and it's a break from the norm. Plus you'll be in better shape at the end of it. It's a meme of the physical challenge variety. I'm Marc Summers and this is Double Dare (get it, physical challenge, Double Dare? hehe :).

So since it's a meme I tagging people.

1) Miss Em
2) Alice
3) Susel
4) L.C.T.
5) Marianne
6) Emma Jayne
7) Tah-Daaa
8) Jersey

I would say Angela but she writes about the gym and cute boys she finds there all the time.

Awesome and Fantastic people only: ~Click Here~

Boring and lazy people only: ~Click Here~

(I realize this is a long shot, but I'm hoping somebody will do it with me.)


tiedtogetherwithasmile said...

How awesome! Thanks for the shout out. I love the 'bad face' by the way..that was my excuse but I'm still doing it.

Anyway...I'm having a contest for everyone who updates me on their progress every week (I don't know what it will be yet besides awesome) so if you want to share that or I would just let you update me on people's progress and I would consider them in the contest in an 8 degrees of Kevin Bacon sort of way. I hope you get people to participate!

Sean C said...

Cool, I have contests but nobody wants my prizes. I was offering a shiny new mint condition Buick Regal engine part for a caption contest. Only 1 taker. :(

OK, well if anyone actually does it I would love to enter them into your contest. Awesome can only lead to more awesome so hopefully it's a grand prize of $20,000. If not $20 will do.

Yeah that was a creepy movie.

Miss Em said...

Do I get a prize if I get to 5 push-ups? That almost doubles my current ability. Not a bad achievement if you ask me...

Sean C said...

Yes you get a prize. It's not an engine part either. tiedtogether is giving out prizes 'cause I think she gives better ones than me. Next up from me was an an old pair of my spider-man onezee/footzee pajamas.

Alice said...

OMG - you really don't know what you are asking. My blog pics deceive and I HONESTLY think a push-up is beyond my reach. Let me go look over the links and see how lame I can be to do this.

L.C.T. said...

Pushup? Not going to happen. Plus if I lose any weight I'll disappear...! Plus... the link doesn't work on my comp. Is that enough excuses? I know. I'm rubbish.

Angela said...

Hahaha, oh Sean. I've actually thought about doing this (especially since I can only do TWO "boy" pushups in a row without collapsing), but, like you said, I already go to the gym! Which I'm doing today.

So good luck with your hundred pushups!

GMan said...

I actually started this a few weeks ago but have slipped off track. So i am all about getting started again.

Count me in.

SF said...

seany..seriously...push ups and I do not mix....I can't do them! But hey, I'll see how many I can do just for you...the sissy pushups at least :)

Emmie said...

are you saying i need to loose weight haha tsk tsk!

hmm, since i have been away does that mean i now have to catch up? I think that would kill me.. I like the idea of it tho, count me in :) xx

JK said...

I'll do pushups....too bad you didn't tag me.