Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July - I'll be gone this weekend.

I'll be in on the rooftops of Brooklyn watching fireworks, the beach of Jersey shore the next day and then the Pocono mountains. I probably won't get a chance to get on the internet so have a safe and happy 4th those of you who live in the States and those who don't have a good weekend.

Mabuhay! <--(That's Tagolog for Live long or Peace.) The terribly cloudy pics are of last years fireworks seen from the rooftops of Brooklyn.


Angela said...

I wish everyday, normal cameras captured better photos of fireworks. They ALWAYS turn out crummy, don't you think?

JerseySjov said...

it's not 'the beach of Jersey shore' it's 'the Jersey shore'

classy & fabulous said...

Hope you have a great weekend!!!

Sean C said...

angela ugh, definitely. tonight someone had a really nice pro camera so hopefully they'll turn out really nice.

jersey hehe, I knew that. i was just testing you. and apparently there is a change of plans, we're going to Yonkers then to the Poc's. P.S. everytime I think of Jersey now though I think of you. haha.

Publish Your Comment & fabulous
thanks pinkfilipino, you too, have some fun and try not to miss DD too much.

Anonymous said...

happy belated fourth of july. hope your time in jersey was swell. did you see jerseysjov? she's great, by the way.

(It's TDAA, fyi)