Monday, July 21, 2008

100 Push Ups Challenge: Day 1 - Start

Well I have 2 people that have agreed to do this. Several that said they would try and others that laughed at the prospect.

Today we start. Hopefully you've done your initial test and figure out what level you are in preparation of being awesome and fit.

I'm a level 3, partially by choice because I could have kept going up to level 4 like my roommate did, but I don't want to start out biting off more than I cared to chew.

Lets keep it going guys, every Monday we'll check back here to comment on our progress and status. Let's not give up!

JK, GMan, and Emma let's get it started in here.

Ready.... set... begin!


SF said...

Good luck!

GMan said...

Day 1 - check!

Angela said...

Lol, I'm glad you're updating your readers with my blog news!

Good luck with the pushups! I totally suck.

Anonymous said...

hi, it's TDAA.

hmm...I am a level 2. the lower end of level 2. my upper body strength is really, really lacking.

good luck. I know you have it in you...and I have so much respect for you right now.

Marianne said...

Ouch! Good luck - I'm not even joking when I say I cannot do one proper push-up. (we call them press-ups. I think!) Kudos to you and keep us posted.

Angela said...

Haha, it was "The Dropsies," not a different body part that I made up.

And yes, LA is a good six hours away from me. I'm much closer to SF and Sacramento. Besides, NorCal is so much better.

Cara said...

I am a slim girly girl. The last thing I want is to look like the incredible hulk, so no push ups for me.

I hope you are able to do 100 every day though. Men with big muscles are sexy.



tiedtogetherwithasmile said...

I just finished the end of my 2nd week and I have improved from 8 to 20, yay!

I only have like one person participating on my blog. Let your readers know that they can enter my contest by updating me on their progress, you too!!

Emmie said...

ooh good going and good luck, im nearly dead! your fault! x

Sean C said...

Yay Emma! That's a good thing. And GMan glad your in it to win it! Tied Together, you're a freaking animal

Ok, so I just got back from LA I didn't do Friday or Monday. Wednesday here I come.

Thanks for all the wishes guys! Queues the Rocky Theme.