Friday, October 17, 2008

Thank you all...

Thank you all who have been so sympthetic and supportive during my current plight. It's so very sweet and is felt from all the way across the waters. Believe it or not each one of your input has helped me tremendously.

Sometimes just to know these types of things are normal for all people and not unique to just me make me feel better.

I am at work so I just wanted to write a quick note of appreciation to all of you for your support, your kind and thoughtful words, your concern and your birthday wishes.

Thank you all!


Felisa said...

I was just telling my friend that the other day, "I don't want other people to go through the same crap that I'm going through but when I find out that someone else understands how I feel because they've been through it/are going through something similar, I feel better all of a sudden... Especially cuz I'm reminded that I'm not crazy for feeling a certain way." Haha

I really hope you'll feel a lot better about everything soon enough. :)

thisdayandage said...

hey you...I sent you an email but didn't get a response. I'm glad to know you're alive and well though...and feeling better. that's always a plus :)